Chatbots developed by software development company in Delhi play a huge role in Digital Marketing and have the potential to transform marketing strategies post-pandemic.

A chatbot is a marketing automation process that effectively replaces human capabilities. A custom software development company in Delhi can help you develop and implement two types of Chatbots – rule-based and human-interaction-based Chatbots.

What Are Chatbots? What Can they Do?

Chatbots can practically do anything – talk to your prospects, generate leads, convert visitors into customers, engage customers, solve problems, provide solutions, drive sales, and even deliver the best consumer experience – without human intervention.

Swiggy and Zomato are two popular food delivery platforms that use Chatbots developed & implemented by software development company in Delhi for customer service. When you click on the Help section and ask where your order is, a Chatbot responds to you with a precise answer.

Chatbots can copy human conversation in both text and audio – will talk to your customers and respond to their queries just as you would.

How Can You Implement Chatbots And Make Them Efficient Marketing & Sales Reps?

In Marketing 

Chatbots can ask meaningful pre-conditioned questions to website visitors to understand what they want so that your marketing team can send relevant marketing and promotional content based on the answer selected. For instance, when a visitor selects option B for the question your Chatbot puts forward – ‘Please choose the right choice – A) I want to buy a Smartphone B) I am browsing products,’ your marketing team will share information about different smartphones in the budget, their specifications, etc. to persuade the user.  

In Sales

Through different rule-based questions, Chatbots can determine what phase of customer journey a visitor is and notify the sales representatives of the right time to present a stunning pitch. For instance, when the user chooses option A for the Chatbot question ‘Please choose the appropriate option – A) I want to buy a Smartphone B) I am browsing,’ then the Chatbot will notify the sales team to call the user with suitable smartphone options and discount offers.

Benefits Of Chatbots

–         It gives you real-time customer data that helps you deliver a personalized consumer experience.

–         Chatbots reduce money spent on your human resources by 40% by automated customer service.

–         It processes information and comebacks with quick and accurate responses, which customers value most.

–         Process automation makes yourself available to your customers 24/7, even when you are holidaying.

Talk to the Best Software Development Company in Delhi NCR to explore more options with Chatbots.

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